Study Abroad Program za mlade i odrasle od 2 – 52 sedmice.

Učimo strane jezike u zemljama izvornog govornog podrucja. U preko 35 zemalja svijeta naš centar vam omogućava učenje preko 16 stranih jezika u više od 55 škola svijeta koje pripadaju mreži škola IHWO odnosno EF(Education First) škola, sa sjedištem u Londonu, UK tj u Cirihu, Švicarska. Uz našu pomoć možemo za vas organizovati kurseve i smještaj u zemlji gdje je škola, prevoz od aerodroma do škole, životno ili zdravstveno osiguranje, vize… i sl. Saznajte globalno, ucite strani jezik zajedno sa izučavanjem kulture, historije i običaja zemlje u koju želite da idete. IH Study Abroad program se izučava intenzivno od minimum 2 sedmice do maksimum 1 godine  u zemlji u kojoj se taj jezik govori.

Kursevi se mogu organizovati 3, 4, 5 ili više sati na dan – raspon opcija ovisi o pojedinim školama. Smještaj može biti u porodici, hostelima, motelima, hotelima, residencijama i sl. U toku nastave se organizuju i dodatne aktivnosti, izleti druženja i sl. Ukoliko ste zainteresirani javite se putem emaila :,  i obavezno zakažite sastanak na kojem cete dobiti sve detaljne informacije o programu “Study Abroad.”

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Interlingua International Students Office

We help you to find an appropriate university and accommodation, to obtain visa and teach you the Academic Bosnian or English Language.

Are you looking for someone who can give you reliable answers to questions concerning your studies? Do you need advice on choosing a major subject? Are you considering changing your major? You would like to study, but do not have a university entrance qualification? You would like to learn Bosnian Language or find an appropriate accommodation? You have a university degree from another country?



Interlingua International Student Office can help.


Interlingua International Students Office mediates between students and universities in BiH, whether they are private or state. We are representatives of relevant listed educational institutions and operate according to their official conditions and price lists.


Interlingua International helps foreign students in admission to college, in finding accommodation, obtaining documents for a visa, in finding scholarships at many universities for basic and master studies. Interlingua also organizes the entrance exams preparation for students, as well as prepare students for successful monitoring of lectures and exercises in Bosnian or English language. Interlingua organizes courses and teach Bosnian language for foreigners or English Language according to the requirements of the relevant educational institution.


Interlingua International as a representative of the university, leads the student through registration procedure that includes several stages that have to be implemented within the given terms. The most important is choosing a college, and it is significant that often we can check whether the student is a suitable candidate before they begin formal application. This free consultation is a significant advantage, because the student is not at risk of losing precious time applying for college whose criteria do not meet.


Interlingua International consultants have all relevant information about the educational institutions we represent. In addition, our offices regularly organize consultations with clients and representatives of the faculty, in which interested students and parents directly from representatives of the faculty can get all the important information. Our core activity is consulting in the field of natural selection adequate education.

Video postcard Bosnia&Herzegovina


  • Invitation letter
  • Visa D (180 days)
  • Temporary Residence within a year


To register on the faculty students need documents as follows

  • Certificate od birth
  • Proof of the HOME COUNTRY citizensheep
  • Evidence of the B2 level, knowledge of Bosnian Language – Interlingua provide intensive one-month courses(4-6 weeks), certificates
  • Translated  and certified secondary school documents, verified by Ministry of Education
  • Valid passport

NOTE: In order to be able to validate all students documents from the secondary school, in the Ministry of Education, we must have from each students the certified power of attorney that must be translated  in English, certified by your country, municipality or court authority, also in Bosnian. (we can do that in Bosnia)

*All students need to pass through application process that is include: application forms, student grade dairy, 2 photos, etc. Our agency complete all documents on behalf students. Some parts students can do, some of them agency.


  • All administrative costs including translation documents, up to 10 pages, courts  taxes, foreign department office taxes etc.
  • Document of the secondary school verification costs
  • University fee
  • Visa fee
  • Agency fee
  • Paid min 6 months accomodation in students apartment without meals
  • Other unexpected costs

What help can the International Office give me?

We are here to help you with any problems or worries that you might have. There are International Student Advisers, who can help with:

  • Accommodation
  • Welfare
  • Course admissions  
  • Bosnian Language for Foreign Students
  • Improving English for Academic Purpose


  • finding somewhere to live
  • opening a bank account
  • registering with the police
  • finding a doctor
  • advice on renewing your visa
  • bank letters – (only if enrolled on a course for more than 6 months)
  • council tax exemption letters – (if your course meets the criteria for exemption)
  • travelling letters – (if during studies, must be authorised by tutor)
  • mobile phone letters
  • work references – a reference/letter to say that you are a full-time student, entitled to work part-time (where applicable)
  • accommodation references – a letter to confirm that you are a full-time student
  • progression options

If you have ANY questions, just come and see us in the  International Office!


We also offers advice on the following topics:

  • Situating yourself at university: Which course of study suits you best?
  • Degree programs offered by the faculty (overview of all subjects: structure and focus of the individual degree programs)
  • Application and admission
  • Admission without university entrance qualification
  • Transition from bachelor's to master's
  • Changing majors and discontinuing a course of study
  • Dual degree
  • Stumbling blocks e.g. learning difficulties
  • Planning your studies
  • Tutoring