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Students' Accommodation
Information for Foreign Students in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Četvrtak, 25 Maj 2017 00:00

Information for Foreign Students in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Obtaining a Visa

A visa is not needed for a stay that is less than three months, as it is considered a tourist visit, but ONLY if you are a citizen of the EU, United States or Canada. Most other countries will need a visa, and getting one is possible in your respective country. However, should you wish to stay longer, you must obtain a visa from the nearest embassy in your home country. The maximum duration of a temporary residence permit (visa) is 12 months, with the possibility of an extension. A police certificate indicating that the applicant has no criminal record is required for this permit and should be obtained from the applicant’s home city. For additional information please visit the official website:

www.mvp.gov.ba / www.msb.gov.ba.

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Utorak, 25 August 2015 17:50

Students HOTELs/ MOTELs  -  Want to book a hotel or motel?

You want to book a students hotel, hostel or motel, finding the best location, save money, please contact us. We will choose for you the best possible variant. Based on monthly rate you can get a discount from the dream! Double, triple, quad room from 250-350 EUR per person, including Half Board.

Find the right accommodation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and make a reservation at the best prices. Why? Because we have extra contracts with accommodation service providers. Great choice of hotels, motels, students houses, hostels. Hotels, depending on the wishes and needs of the guests, providing partial or complete service that includes sleep, food, entertainment, and everything else adapted to the needs of guests. Hotel rooms are divided into single, double, triple or quad. The rooms are, depending on the category of the hotel, equipped with all necessary for full service and the rest of their guests, even such rooms furnished with beds, mini bar, TV set with satellite receiver, a fast Internet connection, a telephone device, air conditioning, bathroom with toilet etc.

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Utorak, 25 August 2015 17:50

Book the best hostels in Sarajevo and get discounts.

You want to book a hostel, find the best location, save money, please contact us. We will choose for you the best possible variant.

Hostels are meeting places that allow for individual diversity, simple and friendly atmosphere, all at low prices. Becoming hosteler (Youth), if desired, is not a problem because there are no restrictions for this, all are welcome, regardless of age, nationality, religion or race. Hostels are ideal places for individual travelers, families with children and various groups (school, sports, etc.). Hostel is a lodging which usually visit backpackers or mainly younger people with backpacks travel where they want and when they want, trying to keep the amount of money at their disposal to take advantage of both their time lasts as long as possible. Just because the hostels are interesting, because they cost less than multiple nights in hotels. Another thing that sets them apart from the fact that they, so to say, less comfortable. They are less formal form of accommodation and atmosphere is relaxed. While the hotel provides a certain amount of privacy, the hostel has the opposite aim: to allow the meeting and socializing with other young people from literally every corner of the world.

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