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Bosnian for Foreigners, Students, Academic purpose
Utorak, 23 Maj 2017 20:48

Bosnian for Foreigne Students .  Academic purpose and Culture - Long-term programme

This program is designed for students who plan to study at one of Sarajevo universities which require appropriate level of the Bosnian and English knowledge. For this purpose, Interlingua organizes preparatory classes for the two mentioned languages  in order to prepare students for successful completion of lectures and exercises. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina has three official languages that are very similar to each other - Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian. Like everything else in this country, the language is a sensitive political question rather than a linguistic one. Here at INTERLINGUA, we teach it as one language - Bosnian. Discover all the specifics and particularities of BHS language while traveling and exploring unique Bosnian culture and lifestyle. 

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Bosnian for University students, Diplomats & CS

Bosnian for University Staff, Diplomats & CSA

BOSNIAN LANGUAGE FOR FOREIGNERS - If you want to develop communication skills in Bosnian, make progress in grammar or vocabulary area, have a talk, present, etc? You want to work in small groups(5-8Ss), semi individual groups of min 2 to max 4 students, or have individual lessons, one to one? If you have an appropriate level of knowledge, then this course is right for you.
You can choose the intensity and duration of the course, ie the course of 1-12 weeks, the topics that suits you and which are tailored to your actual needs of the workplace or other environment. Courses are tailored based on ET - Entry Test and TNA - Analysis of customer needs and can be general, business (banking, marketing, finance, etc.) or professional (diplomats, politics, military, law, medicine, dentistry, bosniana culture, journalism, film, fashion, the combination of multiple programs and etc.). It is also possible to arrange communication business skills such as successfully negotiating, telephoning, conducting meetings, successful presentations, writing reports, business correspondence, and other skills depending on the needs of customers (understanding texts, listening, etc.)  Read more....
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