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Bosnian for University students, Diplomats & CS

Bosnian for University Staff, Diplomats & CSA

BOSNIAN LANGUAGE FOR FOREIGNERS - If you want to develop communication skills in Bosnian, make progress in grammar or vocabulary area, have a talk, present, etc? You want to work in small groups(5-8Ss), semi individual groups of min 2 to max 4 students, or have individual lessons, one to one? If you have an appropriate level of knowledge, then this course is right for you.
You can choose the intensity and duration of the course, ie the course of 1-12 weeks, the topics that suits you and which are tailored to your actual needs of the workplace or other environment. Courses are tailored based on ET - Entry Test and TNA - Analysis of customer needs and can be general, business (banking, marketing, finance, etc.) or professional (diplomats, politics, military, law, medicine, dentistry, bosniana culture, journalism, film, fashion, the combination of multiple programs and etc.). It is also possible to arrange communication business skills such as successfully negotiating, telephoning, conducting meetings, successful presentations, writing reports, business correspondence, and other skills depending on the needs of customers (understanding texts, listening, etc.)  Read more....

designed for business people, students, postgraduates and those who want to improve their communication skills in Bosnian.

In our courses students are immediately introduced to topics and grammar which they are ready to put in use after the very first lesson. The teaching materials used at BCS incorporate a great number of everyday sources such as newspapers, magazines, restaurant menus, street signs, manuals, informational brochures etc. in order to help our students to immerse themselves into the Bosnian culture with ease.

There are 3 kind of courses:
-Intensive, Classes may be taken 4-5 days a week per 2-6 academic hourse a day(45');
Duration: 1,2, 3 or 4 weeks, 20 or 30 lessons per week 
-Semi-Intensive - Classes may be taken 2-3 times a week for 2-3 hours of 45' ;
Duration: 4-5 weeks, 4, 6 or 9 lessons per week.
-Total Immersion Program such as Weekend Marathon Program(3-5 days per 6x45' lessons). Group or individual programe consist a minimum of 20-30  academic hours(45') or approximately 15-22,5 full hours with the included final testing. The course may also include: * SMALL TALKS, Case Studies, USEFUL LANGUAGE, phrases, etc..


The school can organize accommodation with included meals, full or half board, or only with breakfast. There are 3 type of the accommodation: Student hostel/hotel, Private apartments or Homestay programe - In Family. The price depend on number of weeks, type of the accommodation, location etc.

We can arrange excursions, common lunch or dinners, city sightseeings, visiting cultural or historical places, etc.

Images from STUDENTS' LAST VISIT (excurssions, family days or similar)

Jablanica                                                    Bjelasnica                                           Lukomir


                  Umoljani                                                            Family Day


                Igman                                                         Sarajevo Coffe Break                                      Mostar