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Bosnian for Foreigne Students .  Academic purpose and Culture - Long-term programme

This program is designed for students who plan to study at one of Sarajevo universities which require appropriate level of the Bosnian and English knowledge. For this purpose, Interlingua organizes preparatory classes for the two mentioned languages  in order to prepare students for successful completion of lectures and exercises. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina has three official languages that are very similar to each other - Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian. Like everything else in this country, the language is a sensitive political question rather than a linguistic one. Here at INTERLINGUA, we teach it as one language - Bosnian. Discover all the specifics and particularities of BHS language while traveling and exploring unique Bosnian culture and lifestyle. 

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About Sarajevo

The Huffington Post ranks Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) as one of the top 10 world’s most beautiful cities to visit in 2016/17. The New York Times describes Sarajevo as a beautiful, cosmopolitan, worldly city that will first enchant you with its physical beauty, but it is the people who will make you fall in love with it. Interlingua offers you an opportunity to visit Sarajevo and make the best of your stay, both academically and culturally. Rich history, cultural heritage and diversity, beautiful landscapes, unique cuisine, and amusing nightlife make Sarajevo one of the top destinations to visit in the summer.

ILS-Terms of References

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Cost Description

Minimum class size: 4 students Maximum class size: 8 students Timetable of Classes: Mondays through Fridays: Classes 10:00-11:30, coffee break 12:00 -13:30; or agreed with the school. There will be 120-minute immersion class outside the school. Course Dates: Jun/July 10 – Jun/July 31

Course fee: 339 € / 663 BAM per person. Individual classes are possible. The price depends on the package of services. There are 3 different prices, for 20, 30, 40, and over 50 lessons. More classes less price. Price includes courses, course material, accommodation, educational and fun excursions, and insurance. Airfare and spending money is not included in the price. 


Program Details - Intensive Course

Bosnian language courses for academic purposes and culture lead students from the basic level of communication in Bosnian language and understanding the culture of people who speak it, to the intermediate and advanced level in a relatively short period of time.

Programme: 20 academic hours per week, 4 lessons a day, Mondays through Friday. TOTAL in four weeks: 80 lessons!

LocationSarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Program Type:Study Abroad
Degree LevelUndergraduate
TermSummer/ or other per request

Program Overview

Our Academic/Business Bosnian courses are highly personalised and designed to improve your Bosnian communication and language skills, whether your focus is academic, diplomatic, business, financial, legal or social. Upon completion of a Bosnian course with Interlingua, you will have the confidence to communicate in Bosnian with clients, university students or colleagues, CSA, suppliers etc.

Bosnian language course is designed to teach you how to use Bosnian in your everyday lives, not simply teach you the rules of grammar. There is a strong emphasis on spoken practice and functional knowledge of the grammar. You do not need any prior knowledge of either Bosnian or English to join the classes.