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Information for Foreign Students in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Četvrtak, 25 Maj 2017 00:00

Information for Foreign Students in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Obtaining a Visa

A visa is not needed for a stay that is less than three months, as it is considered a tourist visit, but ONLY if you are a citizen of the EU, United States or Canada. Most other countries will need a visa, and getting one is possible in your respective country. However, should you wish to stay longer, you must obtain a visa from the nearest embassy in your home country. The maximum duration of a temporary residence permit (visa) is 12 months, with the possibility of an extension. A police certificate indicating that the applicant has no criminal record is required for this permit and should be obtained from the applicant’s home city. For additional information please visit the official website:

www.mvp.gov.ba / www.msb.gov.ba.


Hotels are on the expensive side than would be expected for this country. Most hotels will not accommodate you for less than 35€ per night in a single, or 38€ for a double. Smaller towns might be in the range of 25€. Although it looks expensive Interlingua and its partners could provide a special monthly package price of which depends on the length of stay and that includes half board

Cost of Living

The cost of living in BH is fairly inexpensive compared to the United States or Western Europe. Most food in BH is of high quality and very affordable. For example, a good meal at a nice restaurant will be about 10-15€ including beverages. As a whole, eating is a very big part of life in BH and traditional foods are very hearty and mainly meat based, so it is inadvisable for strict vegetarians.

Health & Safety

Drinking water throughout the country is excellent and food hygiene is good, so that change of getting one of the standard traveler’s illnesses is slim. There are no legal requirements for vaccinations. Land mines are a serious concern in BH as there are still many of them around the country following the war in the 90s. It is encouraged to stay in populated areas and be watchful of the suburbs of Sarajevo and former lines of confrontation in the countryside. Should you venture into these areas, it is best to go with a guide who knows the terrain.


Buses are always cheap within the towns, but taxi prices depend on the town you are in. Transport between cities is also very reasonably priced.