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30 years of Interlingua-e**v
Friday, 24 April 2009 21:54


Interlingua Language School - Sarajevo

             The leader in modern language teaching methods in the region

     This year celebrates 30 years of Service&Comitments

Interlingua Foreign Language School&Vocational Education Center - the leader in modern teaching methods in the region, celebrates its 30 years of existence in 2018. The school was founded by Mr Edin Hadzic in 1988, as the first private Center that provided services of teaching foreign languages in ex YU region. Since the founding itself the main objective of the school was to provide high-quality teaching of foreign languages, secure competent staff as well as top-quality materials. The realization of these objectives started with great enthusiasm. Aside from a few very strong public institutions for foreign languages, at that time, the job of Interlingua Manager was not easy at all. Taking into account that the school was the first private center, it became very attractive for the market at the time and became competitive very soon. The school has not interrupted its work, it even remained alone on the market in certain periods of the Bosnian war, which actually offered more opportunities for making new university experiences and with the meaning of more modern teaching of foreign languages.

In the period of 1994-2009 from school becomes a form of outsourcing for the University of Sarajevo, Zenica and Mostar. School becomes a center for training, assessment and evaluation of students of Economics, School of Medicine and the Faculty of Political Criminal Justice Sciences.

Mr Hadzic knew how to recognize the given opportunity and he succeeded with the help of his associates to get one step closer to the EU standards. Consequently there was a successful collaboration with a few language schools and networks from London. In 2000, 2002 and 2005 Mr Hadzic went to London on more occasions and after successful negotiation succeeded  in getting the attention of the managers in IHWO International House World Organization. As a result the school joins this Organization in the end of 2005. After 7 years our school step out from IHWO and keep going all standards without them since it was and will stay our main goal.  

From the end of 2015 Interlingua is expanding its activities and in addition to the Center for Foreign Languages ​​in addition to computer training and translation services, the Center for Business Informatics, the Center for Professional and Work Skills and the Center for Entrepreneurship opens with the aim of suppressing long-term unemployment, helping to acquire new knowledge and skills for easier employment and support for the development of entrepreneurship, creation of preconditions for starting a business and quality investments in training and education of interested persons, which are aimed at organizing courses and seminars in the field of professional development and training, computer literacy, business informatics such as graphic and web design, programming and design, entrepreneurship, training for business secretaries, tourist and catering workers, traders and sales managers, etc.

Interlingua also organizes summer schools in the country and abroad, educational tourist arrangements, excursions, excursions, etc. The school also mediates in finding accommodations, apartments, hotels, hostels, houses, for the needs of students from abroad and abroad who do not have a place of residence in the city where the school exists.

Since May 2017 Interlingua introduced franchise and thus offered its long-standing experience in a single package of business and customer training. This package provides opportunities for all potential stakeholders to want to start a business based on the experience of our organization, thus facilitating business and reducing the risk of doing so. More on the link FRANŠIZA (click HERE)


01- High teaching and educational standards. The school’s classrooms, facilities, and resources are of an acceptable standard and adequate for their purposes.

02- Professional conduct and integrity

03- total accuracy and veracity of all information and publicity, including:

  • a stipulated number of taught hours per course
  • a stipulated maximum number of students per group
  • a specified age-range for courses
  • a clear description of the cost of tuition and of other services and materials

04-efficient administration and customer services

05-suitable premises and facilities for language learning.

06-accurate placement-testing to determine the student's level of language competence

07-a structured course of studies that is divided into levels, according to the In level scale. The school provide an efficiently organised range of courses and educational support services appropriate to the learning needs of the students.

08-appropriate and effective teaching methods

09-appropriate, regular assessments, reports and end-of-course assessment procedures leading to an In Certificate of attainment

10-experienced and competent teachers working under the supervision of an appropriately qualified Director of Studies. The school employ as teachers, whether full-time or part-time, only those whose professional training and qualifications are approved by Cambridge, TEFL or IHWO or other similar institution.

11-The schools’ advertising, promotional materials and course information follow national advertising standards, are factual and give a clear and truthful account of their courses and other activities.

12-Before enrolling a student, school undertake to provide students or their representatives with full and clear details concerning the conditions of enrolment between the affiliate school/institution and the student, including exact course fees, and the rights of each party, in the event of withdrawal or exclusion